About me

Elizabeth is classically trained, with roles ranging from Shakespeare to Soap Opera- in #1 UK theatre venues, the West End and the Fringe to EastEnders, Casualty and other TV series. Please see Resume. She can currently be seen in Age UK’s latest advert, ‘Love Later Life,’ 22 seconds in.

She has appeared as Ajayi, African Lady Macbeth in Akogun, African Macbeth at The Shaw Theatre, London and at Jermyn Street Theatre, playing Sadia, a Somali, Moslem nurse working in a Jewish Nursing Home. She has acted in many independent film shorts, playing the lead. Please see Reels

Elizabeth is also a very experienced voice-over artist with work in feature films, major TV series, radio, popular computer games and is the recorded voice operator for several UK institutions. Please click on the link below:

She enjoys putting on rehearsed readings of her film scripts and a theatre play, notably at the Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn and The Actors’ Centre in Covent Garden. Please click on the link: http://tonguegofreeproductions.wordpress.com/ and is at this very moment, writing a comedy web series.

Time off? What time off? Ha-ha! She has a passion for cake baking, especially chocolate cakes and icing them – inviting over a friend or two to share but ‘sadly’ polishing off said cake if no one is available, ho! hum! She’ll tell the neighbourhood cats as they follow her along the road and so talented is she at ‘mewing her news,’ she is rightly revered in the astounded cat world.

She can also be heard muttering as she hurries along “…one day, I will work with comedy genius, Simon Pegg, one day, I will, I will …”

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