1. Had a wonderful time in ADR studios last week working on the Feature film Yardie and the great man himself, Idris Elba who is the Director on the project turned up, a brilliant afternoon. He knows his onions! Really charming and knew exactly what he wanted and got it from the actors present. Was a dream to work for.

THE CAR SHOPPER’ COMEDY SKETCHimage image Uh-oh! Here’s trouble. These stills are hot off the press! The second weekend in June, I finished editing with editor/producer, David Nathan who seriously worked around the clock to get it finished. Find out what’s up by checking out THE CAR SHOPPER, in my Reels section.  A little clue, she’s not you’re average driver!

‘JAMAICA TRAVELS’ COMEDY SKETCHimageimage   A couple stills from  the comedy sketch: JAMAICA TRAVELS with self-proclaimed Jamaican Cultural Attache, PORTIA PORTER rhapsodising on a seldom discussed aspect of Jamaican life to a UK tourist hot for travels tips. Check out the video in Reels.

AGE UK, ‘LOVE LATER LIFE’image Here’s my stills shot from the latest Age UK advert shot this February. You can catch me 22 seconds in! It was a fantastic shoot. The production team were a dream and Director Nadav Kandar was wonderful to work with, easy going, fun with the most amazing knack for getting you to relax and hit the spot at the exact moment he needed. Multi thanks for making the shoot so perfect.

Im 22 seconds in ….

‘CHAOTICA’  GOTH GLAM SHORT FILM. To view the video, see Reelsimage

image Here are some stills taken from the CHAOTICA short film shoot, with the terrific, BAFTA award winning Director, Andrew Gosling and super-cool Cinematographer Andrew Martin. What an incredible two days, everyone, you know who you are, you did an outstanding job. I can’t thank you enough. Andrew Gosling and David Nathan worked wonders to get this little taster video up and running, still got a ways to go on the longer version though. Any producers out there? Or editors who have experience with Red Epic camera workflow and greenscreen? Please get in touch! Here, we have some ‘Chaotica in the making’ stills, thanks to the amazing Lindsay Swift, Make Up Artist extraordinaire, what a magnificent woman, you make life beautiful, cheers! And never a hair out of place with the marvellous, multi-talented Lynette Tulloch, Hair Stylist with rhythm and blues. Thank you both for making life and me look good!



‘RADIOHEADS’ A REFLECTIVE SHORT FILM image On the RADIOHEADS‘ set with the sensational Hair Stylist, Lynette again and on Make Up, Natasha Clarke.  Takes place in a radio station, a radio-show host with two guests discussing the perils of media exposure with a twist.image The RadioHeads’ set, once more with the fabulous Lynette and Natasha.

‘PHONE LOVE’ COMEDY  SKETCHimage PHONE LOVE, again on Hair, Lynette and Make Up, Natasha.

Two more short films in edit and two more sketches to film in the coming weeks,  so ...